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You Bet (Giraffe) I Love You - Sublimation Acrylic Blank with SVG

You Bet (Giraffe) I Love You - Sublimation Acrylic Blank with SVG

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These little cuties have been specifically designed for sublimation printing! Available in 2mm clear cast acrylic or 3mm white cast acrylic (with other sizes available on request).

Perfectly sized for a keychain, this little guy measures 3.4" (h) x 2.0" (w). The hole is 3mm diameter. 

You will receive an email containing the SVG which is correctly sized for the acrylic blank. Whilst you may not share or redistribute this SVG in any form, you can use it to create finished products using our acrylic blanks which you can sell. You may not use the SVG (in part or full) to create finished products other than those using our acrylic blanks.


- Peel the protective plastic/paper off BOTH sides of the acrylic blank

- Print the image using your sublimation printer/paper/ink. Print the image in reverse if you are doing a white blank but do not reverse if you're working on a clear blank. 

- Lay the printed image onto the acrylic blank. For the white blank, you will place the image face down on the front of the blank. For the clear blank, you will place the image on the rear of the blank. Place the blank face down on your heat press (so the paper is the contact point for the heat source. Press at approx. 160°C for 100 seconds. Remove from the heat and place between two heavy flat objects to cool. The acrylic will be very pliable when you remove it from the heat source so it needs to be weighted to flatten while it cools. 

- Remove the sublimation paper and clean any residue off using a magic eraser. 

- For the glitter example shown in the product photo, we applied glitter to the rear of the clear acrylic blank (after it was sublimation printed) then sealed it with a layer of resin.

Please note, these settings are just a guide. You will need to do your own testing as settings will vary dependent on your sublimation ink, sublimation paper and heat press. 

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