Collection: Acrylic Blanks

Acrylic blanks for crafting are a versatile and popular choice for crafters of all skill levels. Acrylic blanks offer a blank canvas for you to create your own custom designs and decorations, making them a great choice for anyone looking to add a personal touch to their home decor, accessories, gifts, jewellery and small business signage!

Acrylic blanks are lightweight, and shatter-resistant. They're easy to work with and ideal for a wide range of crafting projects with various media types. You can add your own unique designs, images, or text to the surface of the acrylic blank, making it a truly personal and customised piece.

In addition to their versatility and customisation options, acrylic blanks are also an affordable option for crafters. With a wide range of sizes, colours and shapes available, you can find the perfect acrylic blank for your project, no matter your budget.

Start exploring the world of acrylic blanks for crafting today and unleash your creativity.

All our laser cutting is done in house, in our studio which means we offer quick turn around and very competitive prices. We hold a large quantity of acrylics sheets, in a variety of thicknesses and colours on site.  In addition to our standard range, we love to help with custom requests so get in touch with us to discuss your requirements!

Our acrylic blanks are all made from cast acrylic. This means they can be used for sublimation printing. Clear and white are your best options for this.