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A Personal Touch

2.5" Round Acrylic Blanks - 4.5mm thick

2.5" Round Acrylic Blanks - 4.5mm thick

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Let your imagination go wild with these acrylic rounds which are perfect for a variety of projects. At 4.5mm thick, these are very sturdy! Ideal for keychains or Christmas decorations. Our acrylics come with protective plastic/paper off BOTH sides of the acrylic blank. The protective plastic may be clear or tinted green and will need to be removed prior to use. Made from cast acrylic which means they can be used for sublimation printing and vinyl decals!

All our laser cutting is done in house so we can cut to request in a huge variety of colours and thicknesses. 


Material: Clear Cast acrylic 

Acrylic thickness: 4.5mm

Acrylic colour: Clear

Size: 2.5" diameter (6.35cm)

Hole size: 3mm

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