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A Personal Touch

Te Reo Pantry Decals

Te Reo Pantry Decals

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This set of Te Reo pantry decals includes the 14 words shown below. As with most of our products, these can be adjusted to suit so if you'd like your decals to say something different or be a different font or size, get in touch and we'll make it happen for you. Additional decals are $2 each.

  • Puehu Parāoa 
  • Ti
  • Kawhe
  • Huka
  • Rare
  • Tiakarete
  • Tote
  • Pepe
  • Kihu
  • Pihikete
  • Raihi
  • Ōti 
  • Pata Kai
  • Rimurapa

Our decals are made from commercial grade vinyl. The word "Rimurapa" is the longest in this set of decals & measures approx. 8cm. The words "Puehu Parāoa" will be split over two lines so you can position them above each other, or beside each other depending on what fits your container better.

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