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"My Kitchen, My Rules" Bread Board - Macrocarpa

"My Kitchen, My Rules" Bread Board - Macrocarpa

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The macrocarpa boards we use for our bread boards are sourced locally from one of New Zealand's leading macrocarpa suppliers. Each board measures approx. 350mm x 240mm x 34mm and the image is laser engraved into the wood.

We have opted to supply these boards unfinished/not oiled as some clients prefer to choose the oil they use. We are happy to finish your board with linseed oil but please allow an extra 5 days for us to process this. Linseed oil will make the board look a little darker then the photo (the boards in the photo are un-oiled). If you'd prefer to oil your own board, please make sure you use a food safe oil and do not use olive/vegetable oil as it will go rancid. Oiling your board is essential as it helps prevent the wood from absorbing too much moisture which can cause warping or splitting. 

As with any wooden board, please do not put your board in the dishwasher or leave soaking. These boards should be cleaned in warm soapy water, then dried with a tea towel.

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