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Acrylic Wedding Invites - Rectangular

Acrylic Wedding Invites - Rectangular

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Our elegant acrylic invites are laser cut and engraved on site. They are made from 2mm thick, clear GreenTick Acrylic.  We use 2mm thickness because it's light enough for your guests to easily hang the invite on their fridge using a magnet (we can recommend magnets for you if required).

Fonts and layout can be customised to suit.  Please note, engraving on clear acrylic comes up white, we cannot engrave colours. That being said, if you're looking for a colourful option - we can print colours onto white acrylic (3mm) so get in touch with us to chat about this option. 

The example shown here is 15cm x 21cm (A5).

GreenTick Acrylic is produced using a unique process, utilising discarded acrylic offcuts and scraps - instead of being possible landfill - and transforming it into a high-optic, economical, quality cast acrylic sheet with a wide variety of applications and uses including: Display Stands, POS/POP Displays and Signage.

GreenTick Acrylic is recycled, not regrind and is made from a minimum of 50% recycled material, reducing the environmental footprint.

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