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A5 Acrylic Blank | Glitter Colours | 3mm Thick

A5 Acrylic Blank | Glitter Colours | 3mm Thick

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Laser cut A5 sized acrylic blank. 

148mm x 210mm / 14.8cm x 21cm / 5.83" x 8.27"

The Nitty Gritty:

Acrylics will arrive with protective plastic/paper on BOTH sides of the blank. They will have either a paper backing or a plastic backing (the plastic backing may be clear, white or tinted light green). Once this backing is removed, you'll be left with an imperfection free, acrylic blank. 

Our glitter acrylic blanks have a gloss finish on both sides.

- Glitter colours have a solid colour core. This means they are the same colour all the way through. 

Pro Tips:

- Peel the protective covering off both sides of the blank before using (if your blank is made from acrylic). 

- Do NOT use isopropyl or any kind of solvent to clean your acrylics. Simply use warm, soapy water or a magic eraser if required. Isopropyl and other solvents can cause acrylic to become brittle or crack (cracks may not always be visible immediately but can appear down the track).

- Lightly sand any acrylics that you're planning to seal with resin (it gives the resin something to adhere to) 

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